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Cancellation & Refund Customs

Cancellation is possible only at the delivery status ‘On Request’ when sellers have not delivered the products.
In general, no return will be accepted unless products are defective or wrong products are delivered.

In general, all goods imported into Singapore are subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST) levied at 7% of the CIF value (Cost, Insurance and Freight) inclusive of all other charges, costs and expenses incidental to the sale and delivery of the good into Singapore.

GST relief is granted on goods (excluding dutiable goods such as intoxicating liquors and tobacco products) imported by post or air to a total value not exceeding SGD 400.00. Where the value exceeds SGD 400.00, the entire sum would be subject to GST.
GST is payable on import into Singapore. Gmarket and sellers are not responsible of payment of GST.