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Hold Your Own Girls Night In!

Not a man in sight. Check. Toilet seat down. Check. Girl anthems on the stereo. Check.

Let the countdown begin. The girls are coming!

Join us for Girls Night In and besides having a great night in with your girlfriends you will feel great knowing that you are playing an important role in the quest to defeat women's cancer.

As a host, all you have to do is invite your girlfriends around to your place for a night in. Then simply have everyone donate the money they would have spent going out, to the Cancer Council. Click on your state on the right hand side to register.

Register now to get everything you need to get your night off the ground, there's no excuses, so start counting down the days because the girls are coming!

Looking for a friends event - click on the state where the event is located and you can search for their event by name or location.